A Teach ME Week

A Teacher’s Week

Teaching remotely, Teach ME brings the teacher to the student

The teacher(s) determines the student’s curriculum and prepares the student’s lessons (video and handouts) for the week.

  • Records video for the upcoming week, either in classroom or from home
  • One session or multiple sessions.
  • Uploads to School USB
  • Prepares homework assignments for the week
  • Returns graded papers to the student

A Student’s Week

Students learning at their own pace and style

The student can select the subjects and videos for the day that is laid out for them. Because the lessons are not live-streamed, they can do the lessons at their pace throughout the day, and in a way that works with whatever their home setting is.

  • Watches the day’s videos
  • Completes the homework assignments.
  • Flexible Schedule: Students can do their at their own pace with breaks as needed to avoid back-to- back meeting fatigue.

Weekly Exchange

School Exchange Bag for weekly swap of USB, homework, tests

Every week the teach and student exchange papers and USBs. We offer a School Exchange Bag to help facilitate.

  • From Teacher: New USB for upcoming week, new homework, hand-graded papers and tests.
  • From Student: Last week’s USB, completed homework.
  • Handwritten notes encouraged!
  • Should you wish to exchange in person, we also offer custom printed school masks.