Teach ME Video Notebooks

The Teach ME Video Notebook is custom made for your school. Not only is the notebook printed with your artwork, but it is programmed based on your needs. There are many factors for a school or school district to consider. For example, a school district might need Teach ME notebooks for five schools in their districts, and each notebook needs customizing per grade. We can do that! Because we know that school systems often have different needs, we will customize the Teach ME package for your needs.

Video Notebook with Pop Up Stand
Video Notebook Features

Take a look at our demo. It shows an unprinted video notebook (your notebook will be full color printed and laminated) so you can see the construction and materials used. You can also check out the sample menu that we put in place. It has an Admin section, and various Subjects (math, Science, Language Arts, etc) but your menu will probably be a little different, and will probably differ per grade. When you click on the admin/Subject sections, and you then can select the video. Teachers ultimately will decide what the student’s day looks like, and we can program accordingly (i.e., Monday’s lessons).

Teach ME Video Notebook DEMO

Video Notebook Features:

  • Built in 7 inch LCD monitor screen
  • 3 Ring Binder with pocket
  • USB Holder
  • Student ID holder
  • USB upload port and cable
  • AC Wall charging cable
  • Internal battery
  • Internal memory card
  • Optional pop up stand for the screen
  • Custom programmed menu
    (we chose Admin plus 5 subjects but you can choose your layout)
  • Custom programmed buttons

Customizing your Menu

For our demo, we chose Admin + 5 different Subjects.

Sample Menu on Teach ME
Sample Menu on Teach ME

In our mind, Admin seemed like a good catch-all for things such as Instructions, School Welcome Letter, School Announcements, a Teach Intro Video, and maybe upcoming Events. You might have a message about wearing a School Mask at an Exchange or event if you are doing physical get-togethers.

Subjects would be whatever the school / teacher deems as appropriate Subjects for that grade (Math, Science, History, Art, etc.). You might have daily subjects for the basics, and a special Monday or Friday class for the specialties. You can also make a student’s curriculum custom to them, perhaps they have a special English ESL class, or a SPED class.

Keep in mind that you can send home supplies in the Weekly Exchange Bag, such as jump ropes or science kits, musical instruments, or art supplies because with Teach ME you are very much emulating the traditional school Classroom Curriculum.

Button Programming

Buttons will naturally follow the Menu design. In our demo, our special buttons included a Subject Select and a Video Select. Extra buttons can be added if you find a need for them.

Sample Button Subject and Video Selectors
Sample Button Configuration on Video Notebook
Subject and Video Selectors

Printed Inserts

We are also happy to set up your notebook with custom printed inserts. For instance:

  • Printed Tab Dividers
  • School Welcome Letter
  • Teacher Introduction
  • Subject Outline
  • Calendar
  • Instructions for Weekly Exchange
  • Instructions for Video Notebook
  • Ordering School Masks
  • Upcoming School Events

LCD Video Panels

Unfamiliar with LCD Video Panels? You see them in quite a few places, such as cruise ship photo viewers, or kiosks. For example, they are popular with car manufacturers, video advertisements for universities, and as deluxe product holders. ESI Manufacturing manufactures Teach ME for us. Here are some examples of the other fun video products made: