No On-Line Learning Fatigue

We get it – we really do. Students cannot do back-to-back live streamed sessions. Adults can’t do it either. Have you ever been asked to attend back-to-back Zoom meetings? It is mind numbing and more information than one can absorb. We should not be expecting our students to do this either.

“On-line learning is not for us.”

Teach ME Eliminates On-Line Fatigue

Computer fatigue from on-line learning
  • No internet involved.
  • Lessons are not live streamed.
  • Students can set their own pace.
  • Student can pause and stop
    whenever they need to.

Student Learning Styles & Pace

  • Every student is unique.
  • Some students need a slower pace, some need to take breaks.
  • Curriculum can be customized. Special classes like ESL and SPED can be added.
  • Teach ME allows students to learn how they learn best.

Works with Home Environment

  • The flexibility works with parents’ schedules too. Lessons can be paused at any time (including an unplanned work call).
  • Teach ME is portable and can be used anywhere.