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School PPE Masks for Teachers, Staff, and Students

Custom Printed School Masks
School Masks Printed with School Name, Logo, or Mascot

School masks are a great way to promote school spirit. What better way to show support than a custom printed mask for students and community members? If you are able to be in the classroom, School PPE Masks may be recommended. You may be able to use them for on-site visits such as the school weekly exchanges or school sporting events. These would also make wonderful fund raiser items for the community to help support school spirit. There are many options available including Adult and Youth sizes.

Mask Features and Options

  • Reusable,
    Washable up to 30 times
  • Cotton Material, 2-Layer
  • Options for Activated coal filters
  • Options for Printing,
    1C to 4C (full color) printing
  • Options for Cloth Color
    Black, White, Gray, Blue, Red, etc.
  • Options for Adjustable Nose Bridge
    Breathing Valve, Straw Holes,

Printing Example

  • The solid color reflects one of the school’s colors, and the mascot logo could be printed in two colors.
  • Parents or clubs may love to have these as fund raisers. If for example, you purchase the masks at approx. $2/unit, you could easily sell these at $5 or so to the community.

Production Time

Production time is approximately 2 weeks for completion.  Proofing is generally electronic but a physical sample can be ordered.

School PPE Mask Guidance

Use masks for any in person activity such as shopping, or if visiting the school or attending school events. Because schools and state requirements will all have differing requirements, and everyone has their own health and family members’ health to consider, the mask chosen might be specific to your needs. Here are a few links that may help with PPE selection:

CDC- How to Choose a Face Mask
Oregon Dept of Education Ready Schools, Safe Learning
California Public Health Guidance
Washington – Face Masks

Custom School Bags for Weekly Exchange

Custom School Bag for Weekly Exchange
Custom Printed School Bag

Every week the student receives supplies for the upcoming week; new homework, handouts, maybe a test, or special supplies for the classes. They might also get a library book they requested. They will also get a fresh USB with the upcoming week’s video lessons from their teachers. Students will also want to return the previous week’s homework and USB. See Weekly Exchange for more insight into the what a week looks like.

This custom printed School Bag is our suggestion for making the weekly exchange. It is large enough to hold 8.5 x 11″ papers without folding them, and a variety of other potentially bulky items. The material is durable and can be cleaned.

School Bag Features:

  • Custom printed for the School.
    • 1C Print, choice of colors
    • Options for 2C Printing
  • Dimensions 30x40cm (just over 11×15”)
  • Double Handles on Top
  • Foldable
  • Front Pocket
  • Material 80g

What can it Hold?

The Teach ME System uses traditional classroom methods of hand graded graded homework and tests. Teachers and students exchange graded papers for new homework assignments and subject handouts. Teachers also record their lessons and upload them to USBs. Teachers and students will trade used USBs for new ones loaded with the upcoming week’s lessons. No worries, we can provide more than one per student so no one has to scramble to get the weekly exchange done.

  • Graded Homework
  • New Homework
  • Handouts for Subjects
  • Tests
  • Last Week’s USB
  • THe Upcoming Week’s USB
  • Special Items such as
    Art Supplies, Science Kits,
    Musical Instruments, etc.
  • Handwritten Notes

An Example

Teacher includes: USB with recorded video for upcoming week, handouts for upcoming week, and graded papers from last week. A recorder instrument for the music teacher is in the bag too. A handwritten note of “Great job this week, Tommy! I loved your story. I hung the elephant drawing on my bulletin board. I miss you!”

Student Includes:  Completed homework, last week’s USB to be sanitized and rewritten with new videos. Wishful thinking, but a note to the teacher such as “I got my hair cut. Send more math!

School Bag or Portfolio Options

We selected a large, durable bag that could hold a wide variety of items but there are many other options should you want to manufacture something different. For example, these varieties could be made and printed with the school logo:

Design Options for School Bag / Portfolio

Teach ME Video Notebooks

The Teach ME Video Notebook is custom made for your school. Not only is the notebook printed with your artwork, but it is programmed based on your needs. There are many factors for a school or school district to consider. For example, a school district might need Teach ME notebooks for five schools in their districts, and each notebook needs customizing per grade. We can do that! Because we know that school systems often have different needs, we will customize the Teach ME package for your needs.

Video Notebook with Pop Up Stand
Video Notebook Features

Take a look at our demo. It shows an unprinted video notebook (your notebook will be full color printed and laminated) so you can see the construction and materials used. You can also check out the sample menu that we put in place. It has an Admin section, and various Subjects (math, Science, Language Arts, etc) but your menu will probably be a little different, and will probably differ per grade. When you click on the admin/Subject sections, and you then can select the video. Teachers ultimately will decide what the student’s day looks like, and we can program accordingly (i.e., Monday’s lessons).

Teach ME Video Notebook DEMO

Video Notebook Features:

  • Built in 7 inch LCD monitor screen
  • 3 Ring Binder with pocket
  • USB Holder
  • Student ID holder
  • USB upload port and cable
  • AC Wall charging cable
  • Internal battery
  • Internal memory card
  • Optional pop up stand for the screen
  • Custom programmed menu
    (we chose Admin plus 5 subjects but you can choose your layout)
  • Custom programmed buttons

Customizing your Menu

For our demo, we chose Admin + 5 different Subjects.

Sample Menu on Teach ME
Sample Menu on Teach ME

In our mind, Admin seemed like a good catch-all for things such as Instructions, School Welcome Letter, School Announcements, a Teach Intro Video, and maybe upcoming Events. You might have a message about wearing a School Mask at an Exchange or event if you are doing physical get-togethers.

Subjects would be whatever the school / teacher deems as appropriate Subjects for that grade (Math, Science, History, Art, etc.). You might have daily subjects for the basics, and a special Monday or Friday class for the specialties. You can also make a student’s curriculum custom to them, perhaps they have a special English ESL class, or a SPED class.

Keep in mind that you can send home supplies in the Weekly Exchange Bag, such as jump ropes or science kits, musical instruments, or art supplies because with Teach ME you are very much emulating the traditional school Classroom Curriculum.

Button Programming

Buttons will naturally follow the Menu design. In our demo, our special buttons included a Subject Select and a Video Select. Extra buttons can be added if you find a need for them.

Sample Button Subject and Video Selectors
Sample Button Configuration on Video Notebook
Subject and Video Selectors

Printed Inserts

We are also happy to set up your notebook with custom printed inserts. For instance:

  • Printed Tab Dividers
  • School Welcome Letter
  • Teacher Introduction
  • Subject Outline
  • Calendar
  • Instructions for Weekly Exchange
  • Instructions for Video Notebook
  • Ordering School Masks
  • Upcoming School Events

LCD Video Panels

Unfamiliar with LCD Video Panels? You see them in quite a few places, such as cruise ship photo viewers, or kiosks. For example, they are popular with car manufacturers, video advertisements for universities, and as deluxe product holders. ESI Manufacturing manufactures Teach ME for us. Here are some examples of the other fun video products made:

Example Video Notebook Menu & Buttons

Here’s a demo of an unprinted Teach ME video Notebook. This model includes a 7 inch screen and a pop up stand. You can get an idea of construction, size, and materials. Keep in mind the notebook will be custom printed with your art and laminated for durability. You can also check out the demo menu we put in and the corresponding buttons. You get to tell us how you’d like your menu and buttons to operate!

The Teach ME Video Notebook is customizable in several ways:

  • Custom printed: The model in our our demo is unprinted but the school’s notebook will have 4C printing. Lamination goes over the print and can be matte or glossy.
    • Printing can be individualized. A 1C black plate changes help reduce cost.
      Ex) Individualize for multiple schools in a school district, or
      Ex) Different grades in a school.
  • Menu: This will be custom designed per the school’s direction. In this example, we have the following sections:
    • Admin might initially include a teacher introduction video, a school welcome video, or instructions/info about the weekly exchange. Later in the year, this might include school announcements.
    • Subjects that a particular grade might take such as Math, Language Arts, Science, History, Geography, Music, Physical Ed, Art, etc. …this is determined by the school and programmed by us.
    • Languages & Font Size can be different
  • Buttons: These also are customized and we can add buttons too.
    • Play, Pause, Stop, Subject Select, Video Select

The Teach ME System is designed by us to meet your needs. When we talk to you about your school district’s needs, we’ll go over the number of units needed and how they may need to be customized for schools, grades, and students.