Example Video Notebook Menu & Buttons

Here’s a demo of an unprinted Teach ME video Notebook. This model includes a 7 inch screen and a pop up stand. You can get an idea of construction, size, and materials. Keep in mind the notebook will be custom printed with your art and laminated for durability. You can also check out the demo menu we put in and the corresponding buttons. You get to tell us how you’d like your menu and buttons to operate!

The Teach ME Video Notebook is customizable in several ways:

  • Custom printed: The model in our our demo is unprinted but the school’s notebook will have 4C printing. Lamination goes over the print and can be matte or glossy.
    • Printing can be individualized. A 1C black plate changes help reduce cost.
      Ex) Individualize for multiple schools in a school district, or
      Ex) Different grades in a school.
  • Menu: This will be custom designed per the school’s direction. In this example, we have the following sections:
    • Admin might initially include a teacher introduction video, a school welcome video, or instructions/info about the weekly exchange. Later in the year, this might include school announcements.
    • Subjects that a particular grade might take such as Math, Language Arts, Science, History, Geography, Music, Physical Ed, Art, etc. …this is determined by the school and programmed by us.
    • Languages & Font Size can be different
  • Buttons: These also are customized and we can add buttons too.
    • Play, Pause, Stop, Subject Select, Video Select

The Teach ME System is designed by us to meet your needs. When we talk to you about your school district’s needs, we’ll go over the number of units needed and how they may need to be customized for schools, grades, and students.